Manuscript Editing and Proofreading

One of the most crucial steps in disseminating knowledge is submission of research findings to scholarly journals. Given the ever-increasing standards of excellence in research publication, a good mastery of English to write scholarly papers is undeniable. Editors of top-tier journals have often regarded poor quality of language, which hinders the academic merit of a research, as the key reason for rejection of articles. Using native editors from USA, Canada, UK and Australia, ANE LTD ensures the highest level of quality in its services. Editors of ANE LTD are highly educated, have expertise in a vast array of subjects, and have successfully passed rigorous screening criteria to ensure the highest quality and standard of editing services. Academic Native Editing (ANE) LTD is a pioneer in offering both editing and proofreading services in an integrated package at no extra charges, unlike other service providers which charge separately for each of these services. This has made ANE LTD as a trusted service provider of choice by many universities and research institutions across the globe. Our editing and proofreading services include journal papers, essays, and dissertations.

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