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As one of the few companies offering 24/7 editing services, Academic Native Editing (ANE) LTD regards its committed and experienced editors as its major capital. Our annual performance bonuses and weekly payment to editors has made ANE a rewarding organization to work for. We prioritize quality and commitment in our selection of editors. We are looking for editors with master’s degrees or PhDs in a wide array of academic areas ranging from the engineering disciplines to the social sciences. If you have experience writing and editing in a specific field and would like to use your skills to help prepare journal manuscripts and other academic documents for publication, we would like to hear from you.

Similar to other editing companies, our editors will collaborate with us from distance. We seek editors who were born either in USA, UK, Canada or Australia (scanned evidence required). Other supporting documents such as three sample editing work (in Track Changes format) and resume should also be provided.

Some important points to be considered by our hired editors:

  1. The exact time required to complete an order will be determined at the time of placing an order. Only accept an order if you can complete it within the required timeframe with no delay. Else, reject the order.
  2. The editing charges and editor’s fee are based on word count. Since many of ANE clients are from Eastern Europe and Asia with low income level, editing fees may be up to 50{fdfb134db24aec54f707372b3c275e14e7fe540e05b5983a3f5c3cf643ba7531} of the client’s monthly salary. As such, clients expect to see considerable revisions in their submitted files. Therefore, even if the original manuscript has a relatively high quality and language proficiency level, editor is required to make the highest possible revisions and changes in the file.
  3. All editing should be submitted to ANE in two files; the first file in “Track Changes” format, and the second file as the “Cleaned” version. In the second file (i.e., cleaned version), accept all changes and stop tracking. Then, do a final review and proofread the file to ensure no editing has been left behind.
  4. All edited documents will be assessed by ANE experts prior to submission to clients. In case of unsatisfactory assessment by ANE, editors will be required to re-edit. In some cases, after submission of the edited work to journals by our clients, editors/journal reviewers might not be satisfied with the language editing quality. In these cases, editors are required to re-examine and re-edit the work. Failure to do so will result in deducting the editing fees undertaken by ANE from the upcoming editing payment to the editor.

Please upload your documents (files or scanned). Each sample editing work can be up to 4 pages in “Track Changes” format. The required documents include:

  • Evidence for country of birth (USA, UK, Canada, or Australia)
  • Resume
  • Three editing samples (up to 4 pages each)

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Evidence for country of birth (USA, UK, Canada, or Australia)


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